Questions in a survey


button to add a question

You can add a new question to a page by selecting the page in the navigation tree then pressing the add question button.

SurveyBox™ supports a wide range of question types including:

Free-form text. Either a single line or multiple lines.
Radio buttons in which the user gets to choose example one answer from a set of possible answers.
Check boxes in which the user gets to a number of answers from a set provided.
A list box, in which a user is asked to select from a possibly long list of options. The list can be configured to require exactly one answer - or a number (multiple selections).
  1   5 
A 'scale' in which the user is asked to rate something on a scale, usually from 1 to 5 or 1 to 10, but the scale can be chosen by the author.
  1   5 
A scale matrix - basically an array of matrix questions but with a common header.

Each of these questions has a number of variants that allow for flexibility. For example a 'radio button' question can have an other button with a text entry field into which the user can type a value.

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