SurveyBox™ for occassional users


YellowHawk will shortly launch a site for occassional survey users. This site will allow people to use SurveyBox as a hosted service without the overhead of a dedicated site of their own. Clients will use the SurveyBox site to create online surveys and run them for their target audience.

Ideal uses for this site are:

  1. Infrequent surveys of members, employees etc
  2. Use by 'end-users' wanting to write and run their own surveys, but that are not in the research business themselves.

The site itself will be branded for SurveyBox and will include a wealth of information on how to use the tools of the site. It will also include links to partner research companies that can write surveys on behalf of individual organisations.

Pricing for this service is to be determined, but will generally be per survey and then within that scaled according to the number of recipients.

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