The Results


survey results

You can review the survey results at any time once you've make it available to your audience. SurveyBox™ provides currently provides two ways to analyse the results:

  1. An online summary report
  2. Spreadsheet download, where you can use standard spreadsheet tools to allow you to provide a more in-depth analysis of results.

In both cases, SurveyBox™ allows you to configure a 'filter' to select only a portion of the result set. A filter is a set of conditions that must be applied to a result set in order for that survey to be included in the report.

For example you could generate a report including only those people that answered 'male' to a gender question.

Filters can be more complex - involving the results of more than one question to be include. For example "All people that are 'female' and have moved house in the last 3 years".

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