Run options


Once your survey is complete you have to run it! SurveyBox™ provides several models for this depending on your requirements:

Invitation management
  1. Anonymous completion through a web-link. SurveyBox™ will provide you with a simple web link that you can use on your own web-site that when clicked will open the survey to be completed.
  2. Individual email - Enter the names and email addresses of people you want to invite to complete your survey. SurveyBox™ will send an email to each person with a unique link for that person.
  3. Bulk Email. SurveyBox™ allows your organisation to maintain a hierarchical address book. This can be creted manually, or uploaded from another application. Specific email invitations can be sent to the entire contents of your address book, or to a group of addresses within the book.

SurveyBox™ provides you with statistics on invitees and whether they have completed the survey. Tools are provided to review the invites and to send reminder emails to those people that have failed to complete the survey.

You can also delete people from the invite list at any time.

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