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Survey Box Features

SurveyBox is the ideal application to help you understand your audience, whatever the aims of your research.

More than just an online survey tool, SurveyBox will send personalised invitations to people and let you track to see who has responded. Increase your acceptance rate by sending reminders.

A few key SurveyBox features:

  • Option for unlimited surveys
  • Personalised invitations and invite tracking
  • Multi-lingual
  • Use images in your survey to test brand awareness
  • Simple DIY branding or full branding service
  • Accessibility features to make sure everyone can complete your survey

Surveybox - Online Surveys

The web is a great medium for collecting information. Site registration is obviously one route to achieving this. Another is to run online - electronic surveys. The YellowHawk Survey.Box™ allows you to design surveys using a simple online application, have individuals complete the survey and finally analyse the results.

Use surveys to query your members, run anonymous online surveys, or find out what your employees really think about your organisation. Alternatively create an email distribtion list and get valuable feedback from existing and potential clients. You can even use it as a central data-entry mechanism for remote survey personel carrying out traditional surveys.

Our application is simple to use and allows you to take control of all your survey requirements.

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